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After the inauguration of President Barack Obama, we realized that one (or two) men could make a difference so we've become consumer advocates, fighting for your rights! Friends since the age of 8, when Brian's Dad moved into the Barwarth's garage, we have joined forces in order to spread goodness and equality full time, while still working at our other jobs full time.

You're lucky to have US on your side!

Chip's been fighting for the rights of Joe and Josephine 6 pack ever since the age of 8, when he fought Dan Gentry on the playground in order to win back Rachel Sapperstein's place in line for the championship game of 4 square. After Chip's stitches healed, and Dan Gentry was released from juvie, Chip continued fighting for the rights of those around him. When he's not fighting, he's working full time at the The Wet Seal. (He gets a 25% employee discount.)

Bryan Saffy lives at his mom's house and hangs out with Chip Barwarth a lot. They are best friends. I like helping Chip with anything, even this stuff, especially cause I get to leave Mom's house (it smells like cheese and saddness).


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